Trinity Sunday update

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed Whit Ember Saturday! Tomorrow is the octave of Pentecost, or Trinity Sunday. has a good write up and reflection for the day:

On an obscure note, this is the one Sunday of the year where the Red Latin-English booklets has the correct propers for Sunday Mass as they are for Trinity Sunday.  That’s why all other days of the year, one needs a paper print out of the propers to use with this booklet.

Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann: St. Ann will have its 12:30pm Latin Mass tomorrow, with the same protocols in place as prior weekends. Due to the heat, if any of you have a spare 8’x8’ tent to share, we may invite you to set it up for other people. We had about 4 tents last week, and may need a 2-3 others (nothing bigger than 8×8’). The parish may also have some bottled water.  Hopefully this setup will not continue as we go into the summer heat.

Upcoming St. Ann Masses:

Thursday June 11, Feast of Corpus Christi,  – St. Ann parish- Solemn High Mass, (TBD) – we’ll let you know once confirmed.

Friday June 19, Feast of the Sacred Heart – 5pm Holy Hour of Reparation for the sins against human sexuality, 7pm Traditional Latin Mass (organized by St. Ann Respect Life)

St. Thomas Aquinas parish update (PLEASE READ):

IMPORTANT NEWS: Beginning the week of June 14, St. Thomas Aquinas parish is permanently moving its normal Wednesday 7pm Latin Mass to Thursday at 7pm.  This will be a permanent change.

  • The last Wednesday Latin Mass at St. Thomas will be this Wednesday June 10, 7pm.
  • The first Thursday Latin Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas will be June 18, 7pm.

We don’t know all the factors but heard that it will give the faithful a Thursday evening Mass (so desperately needed!) and to occur on a night without a competing Latin Mass (i.e. St. Ann).  It will be a High Mass. Incidentally, if you aren’t attending the High Masses at St. Thomas, you are missing some beautiful chant and polyphony.

Other Latin Mass news:

Is it appropriate to fast during Pentecost Octave: Dr. Mike Foley answers a good question about the traditions and custom of the season:

The Strawberry & the Sacred Heart: The FSSP has a nice write up on the connection between the liturgical season and the natural seasons:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s new letter to president Trump on the chaos:

(N.B. The Archbishop’s letter should not surprise longtime Latin Mass attendees, as many of the modernists in the Church , influenced by freemasonry tried to suppress the Traditional Latin Mass in the 1960s and 1970s.)

Latin Mass growing among Millennials and Generation Z:

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