Ascension Update II

Christus Resurréxit!  Welcome back!  It has been so great being back at Mass this last week. We have a few items and announcements to share.

  1. Litany of the Precious Blood:  In talking with Father Reid recently about the recent Survey to Bishops sent out by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.  Father made the suggestion for us all to pray the Litany of the Precious Blood daily in thanksgiving for- and protection of our regular Latin Masses at St. Ann’s.  There is great power in this Litany and more so when it is prayed in community.  In keeping, let’s join together and pray this prayer from now until July 31st when the Survey responses are due.
  1. Looking for a few chivalrous gentlemen: Today at Mass, there were a few dozen people who showed up after the maximum allowable number of people arrived and had to attend Mass outdoors in the heat.  Next Sunday, if we run into this situation again, can we please have some young men who have seats inside the air conditioned church, voluntarily come out and offer your seat to one of these more vulnerable parishioners? The ushers can help identify someone if needed.