Our Lady of Fatima – May 13

Laudetur Iesus Christus! The waning hours of today, May 13, is the 103rd anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s first appearance to the children in the Cova de Iria, Portugal in 1917. As many of our readers have an interest in Fatima, and the 1st Saturday devotion, we wanted to share the latest reflection and excerpt by Bishop Athanasius Schneider:

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: “The devotion to Our Lady of Fatima in times of tribulation”:

However, all devotees of Our Lady of Fatima can and should organize themselves to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Fátima. Such a spiritual pilgrimage can be made according to the conditions and possibilities of each one. The pilgrimage can be made individually, or at a family gathering, or in a group of the faithful gathered together in a house, as it was in the days of the catacombs or communist persecution, e.g. in the Soviet Union or in China today or in other countries.

A holy hour of prayer can be held in honor of Our Lady of Fatima in front of her image, praying the Rosary, this year especially for the end of the world health dictatorship, the full freedom of worship, the preservation of the apocalyptic ills of slavery from forced vaccination and mandatory “chipization”.

A special intention can also be the perfect consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady, because only from such a perfect consecration will the true conversion of Russia come and humanity will be given a time of peace. Another important intention would be to relieve the horrendous sacrileges against the Most Holy Eucharist, perpetrated in the last decades within the Church, through unworthy Communions and the trivialization of the Communion rite. The most important intention, however, is for the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

Read the Bishop’s full reflection click here: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/05/bishop-athanasius-schneider-devotion-to.html

The Consecration of Russia

There continues to be debate in the broader Catholic world about whether Russia has been consecrated by a Pope (or not). In traditional Catholic circles, there has always been a general consensus that the consecration has not yet occurred. In 2017, like Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Burke himself called for a renewed consecration to Russia:


Additionally, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation (which the CLMC helped co-sponsor their event last November), released an article this past week mentioning why a general consecration to the world may not fulfill Our Lord’s wishes. It’s the difference between consecrating a neighborhood vs. one’s house. Distinctions matter.


An American President mentions Fatima?

To end on a lighter note, we also post an interesting video from May 9, 1985, in which President Ronald Reagan spoke before the Portuguese Assembly on his European trip. In his speech, President Reagan actually acknowledges the Fatima apparition, its message, and the children. https://youtu.be/sYm_knZWt9Q?t=1204  (Incidentally this is discussed more indepth in Paul Kegnor’s book, A Pope & A President).

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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