2nd Sunday after Easter update (Good Shepard Sunday)

Christus Resurréxit! Happy Feast of St. Mark (Saturday April 25 – the last few minutes of it), which is also known as Major Rogation Day, a Feast Day instituted by St. Gregory the Great as penance and supplication to end a plague that affected parts of Italy in the 6th century. There are also minor Rogation Days on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior to Ascension Thursday. These feasts are only offered in the Extraordinary Form calendar.

To learn more about the Rogation Days please visit Fisheaters.com at: https://www.fisheaters.com/customseastertide3.html

Latin Mass Updates

St. Ann will live-stream Sunday’s 12:30pm Traditional Latin Mass: St. Ann will again live stream the 12:30pm Latin Mass this Sunday April 26. www.facebook.com/StAnnCharlotte (You don’t need an account to view)

Supporting St. Ann: Also don’t forget to tithe to the parish during this time so it can continue its operations and minister to its parishioners & community: https://www.stanncharlotte.org/home/giving/

St. Thomas Aquinas live stream Latin Mass: St. Thomas Aquinas parish has started to live stream their 7pm Wednesday Traditional Latin Mass on their Facebook page. To watch please visit: http://facebook.com/staclt (you don’t need an account to view)

COVID-19 Latin Mass Resource page: As a reminder the CLMC has many different spiritual resources on our website to utilize when public Masses and Sunday obligations are curtailed, including how to make a spiritual communion.  To review please visit: https://charlottelatinmass.org/covid-19-latin-mass/

Other Latin Mass News

  • Vatican questions Bishops on the Latin Mass: Rorate Caeli has learned that the Congregation of Doctrine and Faith is surveying each Bishop and asking how Summorum Pontificum is being applied in their diocese. As you may recall Pope Benedict XVI issued Summorum Pontificum to provide greater access to the Latin Mass. Many of the Latin Masses in the Diocese of Charlotte are a direct result of that degree. Let us monitor the situation and pray: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/04/breaking-questionaire-on-summorum.html