Latin Masses at DC March for Life

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  As a reminder Friday’s 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann is canceled due to Fr. Reid (and other priests) attending the March for Life. St. Mark still has its 12:30pm Friday Latin Mass scheduled. Also the 4th Saturday Respect Life Mass at St. Ann (usually in Latin) is also canceled.

Speaking of the March for Life, for those who are heading up to the DC March for Life, Rorate Caeli blog (a blog we can recommend) has a listing of some of the Traditional Latin Masses in Washington DC on Friday:

Other Latin Mass news:

Fr. Kenneth Fryar, FSSP has posted his 3rd reflection on the Holy Mass, entitled “Modesty”: The postures at Mass, including the ones we follow in the pew, express the virtue of modesty that we should have in the presence of God and this Holy Sacrifice.  View all 3 past reflections at: The next reflection (#4) on the Latin Mass will be tomorrow Friday January 24 at 10pm Eastern. To view live the reflection live visit:

Candlemas – Feast of the Purification, Sunday February 2nd, 12:30pm (St. Ann): Please mark your calendars for a special celebration of Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Purification, which is known as a day of purification, renewal, and hope. The tradition was for Catholics to bring all their candles for the year in to be blessed on this feast day and as custom Fr. Reid has kindly agreed to bless your candles after Mass. A celebration will occur after Mass.  More details next week.

Candlemas in Greensboro: Our Lady of Grace parish in Greensboro will also offer Candlemas and procession on Sunday February 2nd, with a 1pm High Mass.

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