Epiphany Blessing and Celebrations

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  This Sunday and Monday will feature some important blessings and celebrations surrounding the great feast of Epiphany. As custom, Fisheaters.com has some great background, and traditions on Epiphany: https://www.fisheaters.com/customschristmas8.html  and https://www.fisheaters.com/customschristmas9.html


Epiphany Blessings & Celebrations: We will be having a double-header of celebrations for Sunday & Monday.  Please read below:

Sunday January 5 – Holy Name of Jesus (Vigil of Epiphany): This Sunday we will celebrate the Holy Name of Jesus. It also is the Vigil of Epiphany, and as custom on this day, there will be a special blessing of Epiphany Holy Water, salt, and chalk after the 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Ann parish (see note below about Epiphany kits).

Of particularly note is the Epiphany Holy Water blessing – if you haven’t seen this before, it will be something to watch as it includes exorcism prayers and the Litany of the Saints which can take up to 45 minutes to complete.  Because of this, Epiphany Holy Water is more spiritually efficacious (powerful) than ordinary Holy Water. We encourage you to bring your filled bottles of water, and salt containers to be blessed – if you would like to take some home. The Holy Water font at St. Ann will also be filled with this Holy Water while quantities last.

Monday January 6 – Feast of the Epiphany: St. Ann will offer a special 6pm High Mass for Epiphany. After Epiphany Mass, the CLMC will continue its annual tradition to pass out Epiphany Home Blessing kits featuring Holy Salt, Holy Chalk, along with some instructions. They will be available in the St. Ann narthex while supplies last. Please offer a few Hail Marys for Fr. Reid for taking the time for these important devotions.

Celebrations: After Sunday & Monday Latin Masses, the CLMC is organizing a celebration for Epiphany. We hope to feature some Rosca de Reyes cake, a traditional Hispanic pastry for Epiphany. Please consider bringing your own pastries or snacks to share – especially on Monday. We hope to have tables set up prior to Mass for this.

Speaking of Epiphany, the Catholic News Herald just published a Spanish article on Epiphany celebrations and featured photos from the CLMC’s prior Epiphany celebrations which highlighted this great Hispanic Epiphany tradition: http://catholicnewsherald.com/176-news/espanol-header/5286-la-rosca-de-reyes


Other Latin Mass news:

Tonight Friday January 3, 10pm Eastern – Confraternity of St. Peter online talk & meditation: Many of you may be familiar with the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), a Latin Mass order of priests that operate Latin Mass parishes world-wide. The FSSP also has a lay apostolate called the Confraternity of St. Peter (anyone is welcome to join), which several of our readers have joined.

The Confraternity chaplain, Fr. Kenneth Fryar FSSP will be offering a new monthly meditation series on the Holy Mass online starting tonight at 10pm Eastern. It will begin with Latin Mass, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a Rosary, and a Meditation on the Holy Mass. It’s also open to Non-Confraternity members. To watch the event (from Los Angeles), please visit the FSSP’s LiveMass webpage: http://www.livemass.net/

Sunday January 5th – 1st Sunday Latin Mass at Sacred Heart parish: Just a reminder the monthly 1st Sunday Latin Mass (Low) at Sacred Heart will be offered at 4pm (Celebrant: Fr. Robert Ferguson FSSP). There will also be a reception in Bricefield Hall afterwards – please bring snacks and  hors d’oeuvres to share. For more info contact Mark Hartley at info@salisburylmc.org

Saturday January 11 – next Juventutem event: Juventutem, the new young adults group centered around the Traditional Latin Mass will commemorate the tragic Roe vs. Wade abortion anniversary with a Rosary Vigil from 9-10am on Saturday January 11 at the Planned Parenthood (700 S. Torrence, Charlotte). Afterwards they will grab coffee and donuts nearby. Young adults 18-35 are welcome to attend. For more info visit: www.facebook.com/JuventutemCLT

Year of St. Joseph: As Fr. Reid noted in Wednesday’s homily, Bishop Jugis has declared 2020 to be the year of St. Joseph, which is the 150th anniversary of Pope Pius IX’s 1870 encyclical on St. Joseph, entitled Quemadmodum Deus. You can learn more at their website: http://yearofstjoseph.org/   We also wanted to share Sensus Fidelium’s special St. Joseph webpage which lists some great traditional resources, talks, devotions on St. Joseph: https://sensusfidelium.us/charlotte-diocese-proclaims-year-of-st-joseph-for-2020/

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