Respect Life Mass Saturday & Feast of Christ the King Sunday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have two announcements this week.

Respect Life Mass Saturday 8:00am: This Saturday October 26th is the 4th Saturday St. Ann Respect Life Latin Mass at 8:00am.  Afterwards Father Reid will lead a Rosary at Planned Parenthood (700 S. Torrence Street, Charlotte). If one cannot travel to Planned Parenthood, one is invited to make a Holy Hour to End abortion in the

Feast of Christ the King Sunday: This Sunday October 27 is the Feast of Christ the King. It’s an important feast day that celebrates not only Christ’s Kingship in heaven, but also His reign over all the nations on earth today.  As custom, St. Ann & the CLMC will host a Eucharistic Procession after the 12:30pm Latin Mass on Sunday. Please bring any images, statues, flags, of royal saints who through their virtue and office honored Christ the King and bring them along for the procession. See list of royal saints (attached) or at this link for more information:

As we prepare for the Feast of Christ the King, you may find these links/readings helpful:

Pius XI’s encyclical Quas Primas:

Fr. Jason Christian’s 2016 talk on the Kingship of Christ:

Blessed Karl of Austria: He was the last Holy Roman Emperor and was beatified by St. John Paul II in 2004*. You may find this interview with Bl. Karl’s grandson interesting: The official website is here:

* Speaking of St. John Paul II – whose relic will be at St. Ann today – the late pontiff was named after Blessed Karl (Karol Wojtyla) as the late Pontiff’s father served in Bl. Karl’s army.

While there is much to be worried about in today’s world, there is also a lot to be hopeful and joyful about and one of them is this Sunday’s feast day. Invite a friend, or several friends. Please join us for this hopeful and triumphant feast day and invoke the saints of royalty to intercede for us.

Blessed Karl of Austria, pray for us!