St. Lawrence Feast Day update

Laudetur Iesu Christus! Today is the traditional feast day of St. John Vianney, the Cure d’Ares and Friday and Saturday, are days to commemorate the great St. Lawrence the Martyr.  More details below after these Mass announcements:

Bishop Jugis visits St. Ann Latin Mass this Sunday: This Sunday August 11, Bishop Peter Jugis will return to St. Ann to administer the traditional sacrament of Confirmation at the 12:30pm Latin Mass. The administering of Confirmation will begin at 12:30pm and then Mass begins immediately after (offered by Fr. Reid or another priest immediately after).  You may want to arrive a few minutes early but it will definitely be worth it. Please pray for the 9 people receiving the sacrament and for Bishop Jugis.

Feast of the Assumption August 15: There will be a 7pm Solemn High Mass at St. Ann

Respect Life Mass Saturday August 24th: The next Respect Life Mass will be 8:00am on Saturday August 24 and it will be a Latin Mass.

Vigil & Feast of St. Lawrence: This Friday and Saturday, the Church commemorates the great St. Lawrence, deacon and Martyr. Tomorrow August 9 is the Vigil of St. Lawrence, and Saturday is his actual feast day. He’s one of the few saints to be honored with a vigil prior to his feast day. On Friday there is a 7am Low Mass at St. Ann and 12:30pm Low Mass at St. Mark. No Latin Masses are scheduled this Saturday in the Charlotte area. In earlier ages, vigils were days of penance and fasting (now voluntary) before the big feast day.  There is also a meteor shower called the “Fiery tears of St. Lawrence” that can be seen from August 10 – 12. St. Ann parish also has a statue of him in the church. To learn more please visit: