Epiphanytide update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have a couple updates to share:

No 7am Friday Latin Mass at St. Ann tomorrow (January 11). With Fr. Reid being away, there won’t be a Latin Mass tomorrow morning at 7am. If you’re looking for a Friday Latin Mass, St. Mark in Huntersville offers one at 12:30 PM.

Two Solemn High Masses this Sunday January 13 in Tryon: To celebrate the feast of the Holy Family in the traditional calendar, St. John the Baptist in Tryon, NC (2 hours west of Charlotte) will be offering not one, but TWO, Solemn High Latin Masses on Sunday (for real!). The Masses are at 11AM and 12:30 PM and will feature the Carolina Catholic Chorale with an orchestral High Mass in Mozart’s Mass in D. St. John the Baptist’s website is: http://www.stjohntryon.com

7th annual Nellie Gray Latin Mass at the DC March for Life – Friday January 18: For those traveling to the DC March for Life next week, the Paulus Institute will be organizing their annual Traditional Latin Mass at 4:30 PM at St. Mary Mother of God parish in DC, to commemorate the March for Life founder, Nellie Gray(+). Details are here: