2nd Week of Advent update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Blessed Advent greetings on this 2nd week of Advent. We have the following updates to share:

Wednesday (tomorrow Dec. 12) Mass cancellations

St. Ann: The 7am Wednesday Latin Mass (offered by Seminary priests) is on hiatus until mid-January since the seminary is on Christmas break. We’ll let you know when it restarts.

St. Thomas Aquinas: The 7pm Wednesday Latin Mass will be canceled for tomorrow Wednesday December 12 due to Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations.


Rorate Mass this Saturday December 15

Below are the special Rorate Masses being offered this Saturday December 15.

  • 5:30 AM – Rorate Mass (Candlelight, Solemn High Mass) – John the Baptist, Tryon, NC (2 hours west of Charlotte)
  • 6:30 AM – Annual Rorate Mass (Candlelight, Solemn High Mass) – St. Ann

What is a Rorate Mass? If you’re new to Latin Mass and wondering – what is a Rorate Mass? Simply put, it’s a beautiful and ancient candlelight Latin Mass honoring Our Lady at dawn; it’s name taken from the first words of the Introit of the Mass which comes from the words of Isaiah 45:8 (Rorate, caeli…). As is custom each year, we provide you a great article on it, written by local traditional blogger, Brian Williams at this website: https://onepeterfive.com/rorate-caeli-mass-advent-tradition-honoring-lady/

Christmas Octave schedule

For a listing of the Masses (and cancellations when available) for Christmas and beyond, click here: https://charlottelatinmass.org/mass-times/