Thanksgiving week update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, we wanted to share some schedule changes that were announced:

Wednesday November 21: The 7am Seminary Latin Mass (at St. Ann) is canceled as well as the 7pm Latin Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish.  However, the 6pm Latin Mass at St. Ann is still scheduled (*see note below).

Thursday November 22 (Thanksgiving): The 7am Latin Mass at St. Michael parish in Gastonia is cancelled. Evening confessions at St. Ann are also canceled.

Friday November 23: The 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann is canceled. There will be a 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Mark in Huntersville.

*Liturgy and Fraternity this Wednesday: November 21 is the 3rd Wednesday, and as custom, Chris is organizing the normal L&F gathering after 6pm St. Ann Latin Mass. All men are invited to join the group after Mass at Sir Edmond Halley’s pub for a drink or dinner. “Inconveniently” located in the back of the Park Road Shopping Center, 4151 Park Rd A, Charlotte, NC 28209. The website is:

Thanksgiving History: Catholic Origins

Lastly, while the American Thanksgiving holiday is protestant in origin, the first true Thanksgiving was actually Catholic in origin, and held 50 years earlier in newly discovered San Augustine, Florida in 1565 by Spanish explorers. Their priest offered Mass (TLM of course) – the first on American soil, and then held a feast. Here are a few articles that explain the origins:

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless