Shrovetide Update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Happy Shrovetide, or Fat Tuesday, the day traditionally where Catholics would use up their fatty foods (meats, eggs, butter) in preparation for the Lenten fasts and as this article notes, pancakes were an easy way to do it.

Being Fat Tuesday, we provide a “fattened” update with much to announce – so please read carefully:

Ash Wednesday March 1: 7am  Low Mass, St. Ann’s  (this is the only diocesan Ash Wednesday Latin Mass we’re aware of in Charlotte metro).

Friday March 3 Mass & Anniversary:  7am Low Mass, St. Ann’s – March 3rd marks the 4th anniversary of the Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann’s.  Please consider attending as an act of thanksgiving or offer some prayers as Fr. Reid has always provided us faithful with a Latin Mass each Sunday (even when away).

Friday Latin Masses at St. Mark parish:  Each Friday during Lent, St. Mark parish in Huntersville will offer 12:30pm Low Masses. The first Mass begins this Friday March 3rd. Stations of the Cross are at 12:10pm (note: the Stations might run a few minutes before or later than 12:30pm – please plan accordingly). St. Mark is the newest addition to our Latin Mass parish community—if only for Lent.

Novena to St. Gregory begins this Friday: Friday March 3rd also begins our 9 Day Rosary Novena to our patron, St. Gregory the Great. Would you join us in praying for the growth of Latin Mass, and for Our Lord to send more Latin Mass priests to our diocese? Novena attached or you can read more here:

St. Ann Parish Mission begins this Sunday: “Why be Catholic? – The Wounds of Christ”, Sunday March 5  – Wednesday March 8; 7pm talk each night followed by confession. As Fr. Barone noted Sunday, our mission priest, Fr. Joseph Tuscan is a traditional Franciscan priest who offers the Latin Mass. Also there will be Latin Mass Wednesday night, and a reception after the talk.

1st Sunday Latin Masses at Sacred Heart in Salisbury: Deo Gratias! We are pleased to share that beginning this Sunday March 5, Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury will now offer a monthly 1st Sunday Latin Mass at 4pm. This is a significant achievement in helping to maintain the Latin Mass at that parish (and providing us a back-up Sunday afternoon Latin Mass). Thank you to all the faithful who joined in praying the novenas to help keep the Latin Mass being offered up there and please continue to do so as much work remains.

St. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day Latin Mass: 7pm, Tuesday March 7th, St. Thomas Aquinas parish will celebrate its patronal feast day with a Solemn High Mass and veneration of his relic.

St. Gregory the Great Feast Day celebration: 12:30pm High Mass Sunday March 12th, at St. Ann’s. Gregorian chant music provided by the Cantate Domino Latin Choir and veneration of St. Gregory’s relic after Mass along with a musical themed social afterwards.

Traditional Easter Triduum offered by St. Ann’s: Stay tuned as the details are being worked out and we’ll update once we have concrete times and plans. The location will be at Charlotte Catholic High School chapel.

Correction from last week:  Last week we passed along a note from St. Ann’s Music Director about the chant settings for Lent and need to correct it. For Sundays during Lent, the Chant settings will be Mass XVII (Advent & Lent), with Credo IV. The Easter Vigil and Paschaltide settings will be Mass I (Lux et origo). To learn the differences, you can actually listen to these settings at Corpus Christi Watershed Publishing House’s Kyriale resource website: