Latin Mass Class reminder

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Just a reminder, our next Latin Mass class will be Wednesday February 1 at 7pm in the St. Ann’s Allen Center.   Father Jason Barone will explore the importance of Latin, as the church’s official language and its beauty.

The presentation will answer many questions including:

  • How did Latin become the Church’s language?
  • Why does the Church still use Latin?
  • How is Latin uniquely suited for the Mass? 

Class will be preceded by 6pm Latin Mass in the church and a free light dinner will be served by the Charlotte Latin Mass Community.  Class is open to newcomers and regulars alike.

While the event is free, an RSVP is greatly appreciated for headcount purposes by Monday January 30th.  To RSVP, please visit our contact page.

Blessing of Candles after class: Also since February 1st is the Vigil of the Feast of Candles (Candlemas), Father Barone has kindly agreed to bless all candles (an ancient custom) after the class. If you have candles you would like blessed, please bring them to the class and Father will bless them in the traditional rite. If you haven’t ordered any and would like to, here are a few sites that sell candles including 100% pure beeswax candles. May need to check for expedited shipping:

P.S. While we will have Mass on Feb 1st, regretfully there will not be a special Latin Mass for Candlemas (Feb 2nd) this year (though St. Michael’s does offer a regular Low Mass Thursday mornings). God willing perhaps we can have Candlemas next year.

In the interim, if you’re not familiar with Candlemas, Below is a great article written a few years ago about it. It’s worth a read:

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