Epiphany and Holy Family Masses

Laudetur Iesus Christus on this the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus and the 9th day of the Octave of Christmas.   We have 2 important Masses to report on this week:

Feast of the Epiphany – Friday January 6, 6:00pm Low Mass at St. Ann: The 7am Latin Mass has been transferred to a special 6pm Latin Mass for Epiphany (thus no 7am Mass this Friday morning).  Also please stay tuned, we are awaiting details on whether an Epiphany Holy Water blessing will occur this week at St. Ann’s.

Feast of the Holy Family Orchestral Solemn High Latin Mass, Sunday January 8, at 7:00pm (St. Mark): We joyfully report that St. Mark parish in Huntersville will host their very first public Solemn High Mass, for the Feast of the Holy Family this Sunday evening January 8. The music will feature the Carolina Catholic Chorale who will present “the Mass in A”, by Antonio Caldara.  All CLMC faithful are encouraged to attend to support this Latin Mass at a new location. St. Mark is located at 14740 Stumptown Road, Huntersville (Off I-77 between exits 23 & 25).

Also, we are delighted to report that St. Mark recently announced that during Lent, they will offer Friday Latin Masses at 12:30pm. We are glad to welcome this growing parish to our Latin Mass “family”.  Please offer prayers for their priests for graciously responding to the requests of the parishioners.