Third week of Advent

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have several updates to share with you in this 3rd week of Advent.

Ember Week

We have now entered into the 3rd week of advent, and it is also Ember Week, the quarterly time of year where Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays are penitential days where the Church has traditionally focused on contemplating the glory of God’s creation.  We faithful are also encouraged to pray for the sanctification of our souls for the upcoming natural season.  To learn more about the Ember Days, please visit: Gratefully, St. Ann’s will offer Ember Day Masses on Wednesday and Friday at normal times (and Saturday – but see below).

Rorate Mass this Saturday (December 17th)

St. Ann will offer it’s annual Rorate Mass this Saturday December 17th at 6:30am.  As Father Reid noted yesterday it’s one of the most beautiful liturgies this side of the veil of heaven. Please come. More information on the Rorate Mass can be found in this great article written by our very own Brian Williams who is a contributor at OnePeterFive

Annual blessing of religious items this Sunday (December 18th)

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas, and the CLMC will again set up a “Blessings table” where you can have any religious items/gifts blessed by Father (thank you!).  After 12:30pm Mass this Sunday December 18th , Father will immediately bless (in the traditional rite) any religious items you have.

This includes: pictures, rosaries, statues, candles, salt, water (to be Holy Water), wine, medals, oils, etc. 

We will have the table set up by 12pm before Mass begins. Anyone wanting items to be blessed must place them on or below the table PRIOR TO MASS (no exceptions).