Feb 7th weekly update

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC),

Laudetur Iesus Christus! As we head into Lent, here are some updates:

1. THANK YOU to everybody who attended the First Friday Latin Mass last week. It was heartening to see so many faithful attending the first Mass, at such an early time. As Father Reid noted in his sermon (to paraphrase from memory), we will not regret making this sacrifice to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

2. Ash Wednesday (Feb 10): Latin Mass will be in the morning at 7am. The evening Mass will be Novus Ordo at 7pm.

3. Coffee Fellowship on Sunday February 14th after 12:30pm Mass. We may need some help organizing it this week – I may send a follow up e-mail this week if we do.

  1. Latin Masses at Mission: The St. Ann Lenten mission is February 14-17 at 7pm each night with Confessions afterwards Sunday-Tuesday night. The mission priest, Fr. Wolfgang Seitze will offer the Sunday 12:30pm Latin Mass and the Wednesday evening 6pm Latin Mass (talk begins at 7). Please consider plans to attend.
  2. Liturgy & Lager: Due to the parish mission we won’t have Liturgy and Lager in February. Most likely we will hold off until after Easter.
  3. February 22nd – Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. Please mark your calendars: Monday February 22nd 7pm, Fr. Matthew Buettner, pastor of St. Michael’s in Gastonia will offer a High Mass for the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. The Mass will take place at St. Michael’s.

Latin Mass Anniversary this week

Lastly, you may not recall but St. Ann’s marks a special anniversary this week — the establishment of the Sunday Latin Mass in 2013. What many newcomers may not know is the story of how it happened…

In short, before 2013, there was no Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann’s and the CLMC, with Fr. Reid’s and Bishop Jugis’ encouragement, petitioned the Vatican to request the Charlotte faithful be provided with a regular Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann’s.  By God’s grace, the Holy See responded and asked Bishop Jugis to provide this request.  Fr. Reid followed Rome’s lead and made the announcement on Sunday February 10, 2013, the day before Pope Benedict’s resignation announcement. Attached are the Vatican acknowledgement letter in 2012 and Fr. Reid’s bulletin announcement.

Fr. Reid began offering the first Sunday Latin Mass beginning in March 2013 and he has taken great effort to ensure the faithful always have a Sunday Latin Mass – even when he is traveling.  It’s easy to take our regular Sunday Latin Mass for granted today, but it wasn’t always around prior to 3 years ago. As we head into Lent, please take time to offer some prayers and sacrifices for Fr. Reid who takes tremendous effort to care for our souls.

St. Gregory the Great, ora pro nobis!