Mid-November update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have several items to share with you including some schedule updates.
1. Pro-Life Rosary before Latin Mass each Sunday: You may already be aware, but St. Ann’s has a Pro-Life Rosary offered each Sunday at 12 noon in the chapel — before the Latin Mass. One of our members leads the rosary each week but unfortunately, due to our failing to promote it, the attendance is light.  In light of the increasing advancement of the culture of death in our world, the coming together for a public rosary is all the more important. To this end, we have a request: Would each family who regularly attends the 12:30pm Mass consider joining the rosary every two months, or even monthly?  Thanks for considering this spiritual request.
2. Coffee, donuts and fellowship: We see many new faces at the Latin Mass, and as such, the CLMC is considering host a coffee & donuts in the narthex or plaza after Mass so we can meet each other and have a little fellowship before heading home. Stay tuned for a date in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or would like to help, please let us know.
3. Latin Mass Class?: We’ve heard from many newcomers that they would like to have a deeper understanding of the Latin Mass and its customs and traditions. Would you be interested in attending a “Learn the Latin Mass” class for beginners? If yes please let me know (no plans or dates have been set).
4. Latin Mass Corner in the bulletin: Thanks one of our members, we now have a Latin Mass corner in the St. Ann’s bulletin. It lists the 1962 calendar for the next 8 days and what class feast it is. This is still a work in progress so we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.
5. Schedule updates: This Wednesday there will not be a Latin Mass. Instead there will be a special 7pm Novus Ordo Mass to commemorate the installation of the parish murals – Fr. Reid invites all to attend.  Separately, please mark your calendars for Tuesday December 1st at 7pm. Fr. Reid will offer a Requiem High Mass for his late father, Gordon Reid. All are invited to attend.