Late October Update

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,


Laudetur Iesus Christus!


We have 3 events to share with you:


  1. This Saturday, October 24th at 10am. Solemn High Mass for the relics of St. Maria Goretti at St. Thomas Aquinas parish. A once in a life time event here in our diocese will surely bring incredible graces upon our community. If you attend, its recommended you arrive early, and visit St. Thomas’ website for the latest on parking arrangements (they have offsite parking due to the enormous crowds).


The Mass will be a Votive to St. Maria Goretti and will be celebrated in the presence of her major relics.  To be clear, the major relics are her full skeletal remains inside a glass-sided casket. The wax statue of her in repose contains her skeletal remains which are not visible. Her body is not incorrupt. But her skeleton is complete except for some small amounts of bone that went into reliquaries and her right arm that her mother Assunta donated to the Church of St. Nicholas, known as the Sanctuary of St. Maria Goretti, in her birth town of Corinaldo.  Maria used her right arm to defend her purity in the attack.

How fitting that her whole skeletal remains will be coming to Charlotte with the exception of her right arm … the same arm that she used to defend her purity.  Her right arm will remain at her home parish near Rome, a short distance from where the Synod is taking place.  Just as she repelled an attack in defense of her purity, we can ask her to come to the aid of Holy Mother Church to repel those who are attacking the purity of the Church and her Sacraments.



  1. 40 Days for Life Saturday October 31 from 10-11am: The Charlotte Latin Mass Community is sponsoring an hour vigil in front of the Latrobe abortion mill (3220 Latrobe Drive, Charlotte) to peacefully pray for an end to abortion. This is part of the 40 days for Life campaign and we invite all CLMC members and friends to join us in praying for the unborn and their mothers. Please consider committing to this hour.



  1. All Souls Requiem Mass, Monday November 2nd, 7pm: St. Ann’s will host a Missa Cantata Requiem Mass for the Feast of All Souls.  Please mark your calendars.

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