Update for Late April and Early May

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Greetings to you all and may the joy of the risen Christ bring peace to your homes throughout Paschaltide.  For those of you who missed seeing Father Timothy Reid interviewed on the EWTN show, The Journey Home, the show was recorded and uploaded on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owI8xENPIYE.

There are several noteworthy updates for the coming weeks:

  1. Wednesday Latin Mass Cancelled for Tomorrow (St. Ann):  Notice that there will be no Latin Mass at St. Ann tomorrow due to Ordinary Form Confirmation Mass that will be held later that evening.
  1. Notable events for this coming Sunday, April 30th (St. Ann):

– First Communion Reception:  In honor of the First Communicants who will have received First Holy Communion, there will be a cake and coffee reception in the courtyard after Mass.

– Blessed Palms for the Feast of St. Peter Martyr:  April 29th is the Feast of St. Peter Martyr (or St. Peter of Verona), a 13th century Dominican Friar.  In the Extraordinary Form, there is an ancient custom to honor St. Peter by having palm leaves blessed in his honor. Tradition holds that when these blessed palm leaves are made into crosses and buried in the four corners of one’s property, they are to guard against natural disasters.  Fr. Reid has generously agreed to bless St. Peter palms for our Community and we will be handing out these “blessed palm kits” on Sunday May 1st before and after the 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Ann’s. Please stop by the Latin Mass table to pick them up while quantities last.  For more information on St. Peter of Verona: http://opcentral.org/blog/saint-peter-of-verona/

– Latin Mass Young Adult Group:  The Latin Mass Young Adult Group will meet after the 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Ann’s and enjoy lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Those in their 20s/30s (married or single) are welcome to attend (note: you don’t have to attend the Latin Mass to be welcome). For more info please contact us.

  1. May 6th First Saturday Mass Cancelled (St. Thomas Aquinas):  Please note that there will be no First Saturday Latin Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas on May 6th as they will instead have Ordinary Form First Communions that day.
  1. May 13th Missa Cantata for Our Lady of Fatima (St. Thomas Aquinas):  On May 13th St. Thomas Aquinas will offer a special Missa Cantata at 10:00am for the 100th Anniversary of Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima.

Holy Week update

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  As we have previously announced, the Diocese of Charlotte is offering a full Traditional Latin Triduum this year for the first time in the history of the Diocese.  While officially this is being offered by St. Ann’s Catholic Church, the liturgies will be held in the Chapel of Charlotte Catholic High School (CCHS) located at: 7702 Pineville-Matthews Road.

We know there are other Mass options to choose from, but please do all that you can (within prudence) to attend these liturgies.  Attendance really does matter at the Latin Mass.  Unlike the Novus Ordo, the growth of the Latin Mass will continue only with strong attendance.  The chapel will hold about 330 people and those who come will be able the see an newly transformed sanctuary which includes a new communion rail.

Attached here is an updated list of times for both the Triduum at CCHS and Easter Sunday Mass at St. Ann:






12:45 P.M. – 2 P.M.: CONFESSIONS.




N.B.: Upon arrival gather outside of the chapel for the Rite of Blessing of the New Fire and Pascal Candle.  



We have received some great questions for which I will try my best at answering:

Q1. What is a Triduum?  A:  The word Triduum is Latin for, “the three” in reference to the three liturgical celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.  These three days are the final three days of Holy Week and Passiontide.  Liturgically these are the days of deepest morning of the year, when the Church follows our Lord from the Upper Room of His Last Supper; to His Crucifixion on Calvary; to His Holy Sepulcher, meditating on His sacred passion and death.  The Triduum is really one continuous liturgy that culminates with the Solemn Mass of the Vigil of Easter on Saturday night.  As you may have noticed, throughout Passiontide, the Gloria has been omitted, the bells have been silenced, and the statues and crosses have been veiled as a symbol of our morning.  All of this sorrow comes to an end when on the Easter Vigil, the priest intones the Gloria followed by a flurry of bells and polyphony symbolizing the rolling back of the stone to reveal the empty tomb of the risen Christ. 


Q2. Should we bring our children?  A: Parents are free to use their judgement based on age and development level of each child.  That said, these liturgies are so rich in terms of catechism and theology.  If you think your children are up for a challenge, I encourage you to bring them.  For parents of smaller babies, there will be a side narthex area with access to bathrooms that will be available as a “cry room”.  History has proven that there is no better way to catechize children in the Catholic Faith that to expose them to Traditional Latin Mass.


Q3. What will the weather be for the liturgical events held outdoors?  A: On Holy Saturday, the liturgy begins outside, and continues for about 30 minutes until we process in.  The current weather forecast is about 70 degrees with clear skies.  It looks like it will be great weather.


Q4. Will there be collections?  A: Yes.  On Good Friday, as usual in every parish around the world, there will be the annual collection for the Holy Land.  There will also be collections at the Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday) and again on Easter Sunday.  For those registered at St. Ann’s, in addition to the Holy Land envelope, you should also have envelopes for: 

  1. Easter Offering, 
  2. Seminary Offering, 
  3. Easter Flowers, 
  4. The standard weekly Sunday offering.  

N.B. Make all checks out as normal to St. Ann Catholic Church.

Q5. Where can we park?  A: There are a few parking spots near the chapel in the back.  Once those fill up, there is a large parking garage next to the football field.  See the below map.

Q6. Will there be a reception?  A: There will be a light reception after both the Easter Vigil Mass and the Easter Sunday Mass.  We will be serving Coffee and Hot Cocoa and some festive Easter treats after both Masses.

Q7.  Does attending the Easter Vigil satisfy ones’ obligation to attend Mass on Sunday?  Yes… technically either the Easter Vigil Mass or the Easter Sunday Mass satisfy our obligation to attend Mass… however, the traditional custom was to attend both.  The two Masses are distinct liturgies that  build upon one another.  If you only go to one … you will be missing out.

We hope to see you all there.  Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Easter Triduum – 1 week away

Laudetur Iesus Christus! As we process through Passiontide, we again remind everyone of our first Traditional Latin Easter Triduum (Holy Week), hosted by St. Ann’s at Charlotte Catholic High School. These liturgies are being generously offered by St. Ann’s for the Latin Mass faithful – please try to attend some or all of them (we’d like this to be annual!).

  • Holy Thursday April 13, Mass (High) 7pm
  • Good Friday April 14, Mass of the Presanctified, 3pm
  • Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil (High), 8pm  (Light reception to follow)

All liturgies will offered by Father Barone at Charlotte Catholic High School Chapel, 7702 Pinesville-Matthews Road, Charlotte NC.