Sacred Triduum and Easter Sunday Mass 2018: Photos and Videos

Holy Thursday

Elevation of the Host


Ecce Agnus Dei


Preparing for procession to the Altar of repose


The Altar of Repose


Good Friday – Mass of the Presanctified

Prostration of the ministers


The singing of the Passion


Solemn Prayers – Flectamus genua


Veneration of the Cross – The cross unveiled


Veneration of the Cross


Elevation of the Host


Easter Vigil

Blessing of the Fire


Easter Candle Lighting


Blessing of the baptismal water – lowering the Paschal candle




Confirmation after Baptism


The prostration of the ministers during the Litany of Saints


Elevation of Chalice


Last Gospel


Easter Sunday



Elevation of Chalice


Easter Vigil Video