Charlotte Latin Mass Report 2015

The Charlotte Latin Mass Community

The Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC) was founded in 2007 and is a lay association of families that promotes the Latin Mass in the Charlotte area and seeks full sacramental and spiritual life according to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Based at St. Ann’s, the CLMC has helped purchase vestments, raised funds for sacred music, hosted spiritual talks, organized pot lucks, and secured through Fr. Timothy Reid and Bishop Jugis, a regular Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann’s starting in 2012.

P1030814High Mass, St. Ann’s Easter 2015


2015 Latin Mass Report

The CLMC had an active 2015 and we wanted to share with you our activities to show the spiritual fruits which can develop when the laity working with our Pastor, Fr. Timothy Reid help develop the accompanying spiritual life of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

This spiritual life is not just the liturgy, or the language of the Mass, but includes the accompanying traditions, customs and culture found in the liturgical books and rites of Extraordinary Form (1962) and handed down to us by the Saints, martyrs, and faithful over the centuries. Many of these customs were lost and only now being rediscovered here in Charlotte.

All these fruits highlighted below occurred because of God’s grace and through the support and generosity of our pastor, Fr. Timothy Reid. He is a tireless advocate for the Latin Mass and has ensured the faithful always have a Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann parish even when he is traveling. In your kindness please continue to pray for him.


The Traditional Latin Mass

Otherwise known as Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the Tridentine Mass (Mass of the Council of Trent), the Usus Antiquor, the Mass of 1962 (when the liturgical books were last updated), or simply, “the Latin Mass”, this liturgy has been offered for nearly 1,600 years and converted continents, catechized millions (billions) and formed Saints.

In 2007, Pope Benedict issued a Moto Proprio, Summorum Pontifcum which liberalized the use of this ancient rite, and shortly thereafter Fr. Reid began offering the Latin Mass at St. Ann parish. By 2012, through the efforts of the CLMC, St. Ann parish began offering the Latin Mass regularly on Sundays.


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