Mass & Spiritual Requests

Mass Requests

Christmas and First Friday Masses

On behalf of the faithful, the CLMC asked Father Reid for a Christmas day Mass, and regular First Friday Masses in the Extraordinary Form. Generously, Father Reid obliged these requests with Father Jason Barone kindly offering a Christmas Low Mass; the initial First Friday Mass will be February 5, 2016.

P1020605(Fr. Jason Barone offering Low Mass on Christmas Morning)




To help aid in our growth in holiness, the CLMC asked Fr. Reid and other priests to provide the blessing of sacramentals, which occur on select feast days, and can be found in the extraordinary form book of rituals and blessings (Rituale Romanum of 1962). They kindly obliged.


St. Peter of Verona Palms

On April 22nd, the Feast of St. Peter Verona, Father Reid blessed St. Peter of Verona palms and distributed them to the faithful after Mass. Tradition holds these blessed palm leaves, when buried in 4 corners of a property help ward off natural disasters and spiritual threats to the land.

IMG_1410(Fr. Reid blessing St. Peter of Verona Palms prior to Mass on April 22nd


Blessing table

A blessing table was erected on December 18 to ensure the faithful could have their religious gifts blessed in the Extraordinary Form rites before Christmas.

IMG_1797Fr. Reid blessing religious gifts and sacramental the Sunday before Christmas


Blessing of wine

For the feast of St. John the Evangelist on December 27th (patron saint of wine), the CLMC arranged for this blessing wine, which is a tradition for this feast day.

wineblessing1aWine being blessed by Father on December 27th

Epiphany Water

While occurring in 2016, the CLMC secured 10 gallons of water that was blessed by Father Barone.

20160105_172855Epiphany Water soon to be blessed by Fr. Jason Barone on the Vigil of the Epiphany, January 5, 2016 at Charlotte Catholic High School

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