Traditional Confirmations this Sunday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have 2 upcoming events to share with you this week:

  1. St. Ann Respect Life Latin Mass – Saturday July 28, 9am (Low): This Saturday July 28, St. Ann’s monthly 4th Saturday Respect Life Mass will be a Low Mass at 9am. Afterwards parishioners will visit the nearby abortion facility for prayers.
  2. Traditional Confirmations with Bishop Jugis – this Sunday July 29: Before the 12:30pm High Mass, St. Ann has the privilege of hosting the traditional conferral of the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The Confirmation Rite will begin at 12:30pm and Mass will begin immediately afterwards. You can arrive at normal time on Sunday and Mass will end just a little later than usual.  Mass this Sunday July 29. This will be a day of extra graces.  At last check, Bishop Jugis is scheduled to administer the Confirmation, with a Solemn High Mass to follow (offered by Father Reid).  We’ll keep you posted.

Latin Mass updates for mid July

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have a few updates to share with you about some Latin Mass cancellations coming up:

St. Ann: The 7am Latin Mass on Friday July 20 is canceled.

St. Michael in Gastonia: All Latin Masses at St. Michael are temporarily suspended until further notice but don’t lose hope. The new pastor, Fr. Lucas Rossi is generously learning the Latin Mass to continue offering it. Once he’s ready to schedule new Latin Masses, we’ll let you know.  (N.B. The prior priests Fr. Buettner and Christian who offered the Latin Masses were recently assigned to other locations in the diocese). Please keep Fr. Rossi in your prayers.

Low Mass this Sunday July 15 4pm at Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury

Laudetur Iesus Christus! The Salisbury Latin Mass Community passed along this news of an extra Latin Mass this Sunday July 15th, 4pm at Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury.


Salvete in Christo!

Please be aware that Father Ferguson has graciously offered to say a Low Mass at Sacred Heart, Salisbury, on Sunday, 15th at 4 p.m.

Mark Hartley


To sign up for the Salisbury Latin Mass Community e-mail list please contact Mark at info(at)

Propers en español ahora disponible en la parroquia St. Ann (Spanish Propers now available at St. Ann)

(Mensaje en español a continuacion)

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus! The growth of the Latin Mass continues in our city and is reaching faithful beyond ties of language.

To meet the needs of our small but growing number of Hispanic Latin Mass attendees, the Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC) and St. Ann are now happy to announce that the propers for the Latin Mass (i.e. the translation of the readings and prayers) are now available in Spanish for each Sunday Latin Mass.  They will be located in the St. Ann narthex before Sunday 12:30 PM Latin Mass.  Please share with your Spanish speaking friends and family.

We are also pleased to announce the CLMC’s new Spanish webpage to reintroduce our Spanish speaking brethren to the Traditional Latin Mass.  The webpage is:

Para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestro pequeño pero creciente número de asistentes hispanos, la Comunidad latina de Charlotte (CLMC) y St. Ann (Santa Ana) ahora se complacen en anunciar que ofrecera a la comunidad creyente traducciónes de las lecturas y oraciones disponible en español/latín para cada misa dominical. Estarán localizadas en la sala de entrada de la parroquia de  St. Ann (santa Ana) cada domingo en la misa en latín para su uso y beneficio. Compartan con sus amigos y familiares de habla hispana.

También nos complace anunciar la nueva página web en español de la CLMC para reintroducir a nuestros hermanos hispanohablantes a la Misa tradicional en latín. La página web es:

¡Viva Christo Rey y La Virgin de Guadalupe!

Latin Mass this Sunday July 8 at 4pm at Sacred Heart parish

Latin Mass at Sacred Heart in Salisbury this Sunday

There will be a Low Mass this Sunday July 8 at 4pm at Sacred Heart in Salisbury. N.B. If you’d like to join the Salisbury Latin Mass Community for their updates, please contact Mark Hartley at info(at)

Updated schedule changes

Wednesday July 4
St. Ann: 6pm Low Mass is canceled. (no adoration Tues/Wed)
St. Thomas Aquinas: 7pm High Mass is canceled.

Friday July 6
St. Ann: 7am Low Mass is canceled
St. Mark: 12:30pm Low Mass as normal

Sunday July 8
St. Ann: 12:30pm, High Mass as normal
Sacred Heart in Salisbury, 4pm (Possibly High Mass)

Wednesday July 11
St. Ann: 6pm Mass will be Novus Ordo (No Latin Mass)
St. Thomas Aquinas: 7pm High Mass as normal