Ascension week update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We are drawing closer to the end of Our Blessed Lord’s time on earth after His Resurrection and as custom St. Ann will host a glorious Solemn High Mass this Ascension Thursday.  Here are the details including other news to share:

Ascension Thursday Mass at St. Ann – May 25 at 7pm: St. Ann parish will host its annual Orchestral Solemn High Mass with the Carolina Catholic Chorale. The Chorale will feature the music of Mozart’s Piccolomini Mass (K. 258). It’s a beautiful Mass – you won’t want to miss.

Ascension Mass at St. Michael parish, 7pm: St. Michael parish in Gastonia will also feature a Latin Mass at 7pm for Ascension Thursday May 25. This Mass will be a High Mass.

Respect Life Low Mass this Saturday 9am: St. Ann’s will offer a Low Mass for its monthly Respect Life Mass this Saturday May 27th at 9am.  Afterwards attendees are invited to join the Respect Life Committee in praying for an end to abortion at the Hebron Road abortion facility (directions provided after Mass). Since several of the Latin Mass attendees are also active in pro-life work, this is a great opportunity to support for the parish’s pro-life efforts.

Monday 8:30am Low Masses suspended for the summer:  As Fr. noted on Sunday, the 8:30am Monday Low Masses at St. Ann will be temporarily suspended for the summer. Many of the priests that assist Fr. with Latin Masses will be unavailable during the summer but Father hopes Monday Latin Mass will resume in the fall.   All other Latin Masses remain as scheduled. Stay tuned for updates. This might be a good time to pray for vocations for more Latin Mass priests (and for our priests who ensure we consistently have Sunday Latin Masses).

Whitsunday Celebration – Pentecost Sunday June 4, St. Ann parish:  Pentecost Sunday, is traditionally known as Whitsunday (pronounced “White” Sunday) as that Sunday is when the newly converted would enter the church wearing the white robes they received at Easter. To celebrate this great feast, the CLMC will be hosting a White themed celebration after the 12:30pm Mass at St. Ann parish.  Everyone is invited to wear something white, and to consider bringing white colored food and drink.

Rogation Days: Lastly, this week in the traditional calendar are the Rogation Days, which are days set aside each year to beg God’s mercy, and to ask for his blessings/protection particularly surrounding the land and farming. These are slightly different than the Ember Days (coming up next week) and some Latin Mass parishes will offer a special Masses on farms.

The great website has a great summary for those who have an interest on the topic of the Church and the land.  It’s our hope to emphasize these days more in the future:  Click here to review a Rogation Mass from the FSSP parish in Omaha, NE:

Ascension Mass at St. Ann

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Just a brief reminder that as reported in the St. Ann bulletin, On Ascension Thursday (May 25th) at 7:00 p.m., there will be a Solemn High “Orchestral”  Latin Mass for Ascension Thursday at St. Ann parish.  Musica sacra: Piccolomini Mass (K. 258) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed by the Carolina Catholic Chorale.

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Laudetur Iesus Christus! As we approach the 100th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady to the children at Fatima (this Saturday May 13), we wanted to share information about Latin Masses, and a few noteworthy Fatima related events.

The 2 Latin Masses for the feast day (Saturday May 13) in Charlotte proper are 8am Low Mass at Holy Trinity Middle School and 10am High Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas (there’s also an 8:15am Low Mass at St. Michael).  Please note, this quick list is not exhaustive as many parishes in our diocese are following Bishop Jugis’ lead in promoting a devotion to this important apparition.

Saturday May 13

  • 7am – Holy Hour of Reparation Ann parish (followed by Novus Ordo Mass at 8am).
  • 8am Low MassHoly Trinity Middle School, Charlotte (3100 Park Road – just up the block from St. Ann). Joseph Matlak, Holy Trinity MS chaplain will offer a Traditional Latin Mass at the middle school chapel at 8am. The chapel is located in the Mercy building, which is the larger building with the cross and emblem on it.  Go in thru the front doors and the chapel will be straight ahead. Park anywhere on the campus.
  • 8:15am Low Mass – St. Michael in Gastonia
  • 10am High Mass – St. Thomas Aquinas parish
  • 10:30am – Fatima Rosary, Cathedral of St. Patrick (followed by Novus Ordo Mass at 11 with His Excellency Bishop Peter Jugis)
  • 7pm – Fatima event, St. Mark parish, Huntersville. Veneration of Our Lady of Fatima Statue at 7pm in parish hall (Plenary Indulgence attached), followed by the showing of Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima movie.
  • 7:30pm – Fatima procession, St. Thomas Aquinas parish, Charlotte

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

First Friday and Saturday update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We pray you are having a blessed Eastertide in this Marian month of May.  We have a few updates to share with you:

St. Mark Latin Mass on Fridays:  After a trial run during Lent, St. Mark parish is now offering a weekly Latin Mass at 12:30pm each Friday.  The next one will be tomorrow May 5th and a great way to make your first Friday devotion.  St. Mark is located at 14740 Stumptown Road, Huntersville.

First Friday Mass at St. Ann: Speaking of First Friday devotions, St. Ann’s as custom, will offer its regular Friday Latin Mass at 7am.

First Saturday- St. Dominic Salvo Latin Mass: St. Ann will offer a special Latin Mass this Saturday May 6th at 12 noon to honor St. Dominic Salvo, the patron saint of altar boys. This is the annual Mass for the St. Ann altar boys and will also suffice for your First Saturday devotions.

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima (Saturday May 13): Many of us Latin Mass devotees also have a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and thus we share with you two events at St. Ann and St. Thomas parishes.

St. Ann: Saturday May 13 at 7am – the parish will offer a Holy Hour of Reparation (followed by 8am Novus Ordo Mass).

St. Thomas Aquinas: Saturday May 13 at 7:30pm – the parish will host a Fatima procession preceded by a brief talk. They will offer this each 13th day of the month from May – October. You can learn more here:

Lastly, we still have blessed St. Peter Martyr palms available (to guard against natural disasters) if you would like a packet. Please drop by the Latin Mass table on Sunday at St. Ann.