Jan 1st Mass schedule

Laudetur Iesus Christus on this the 5th day within the Octave of Christmas.  Below is our weekend Mass schedule and other news:

Saturday December 31 – Vigil of the Feast of the Circumcision: 11pm High Mass, St. Michael’s in Gastonia; followed by Holy Hour from 12am  – 1am New Years Day.

Sunday: January 1 – Feast of the Circumcision: As custom, there will be a 12:30 PM High Mass at St. Ann’s Sunday Jan 1st. (No Confessions Jan 1 as in prior years)

Sunday January 1 – Latin Mass Young Adults Lunch: The Latin Mass Young Adults group will go out to lunch after the 12:30pm Latin Mass Sunday. All young adults in their 20s or 30s are invited (even those who don’t attend Latin Mass).

Plenary Indulgences for December 31 and January 1: You may obtain two plenary indulgences this weekend by reciting the Te Deum on December 31 and the Veni Creator on January 1. Per Fr. Reid, conditions to receive indulgence: One must be baptized and in the state of grace, be free from an attachment to sin, go to confession within 20 days, receive Holy Communion on the day of the indulgence, and offer prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father (a Creed and an Our Father will suffice) – adapted from his Oct 30th Bulletin letter.

Recommended reading – Children and the Latin Mass: Lastly, The International Una Voce Federation, a group devoted to the promotion of the traditional liturgy, has released its latest position paper detailing how the Latin Mass is uniquely suited for young children compared to the Novus Ordo Mass. It’s worth a read.


Looking ahead:

Feast of the Epiphany, Friday January 6, 6pm – St. Ann parish. Fr. Barone will offer a Low Mass that evening. The 7am Friday Latin Mass for Jan 6 is canceled due to this evening Mass.

Feast of the Holy Family, Sunday January 8, 7pm – St. Mark parish in Huntersville. Solemn High Orchestral Mass with the Carolina Catholic Chorale.

Blessing of Wine and Christmastide Schedule

December 26, 2016

Laudetur Iesus Christus and Merry Christmas! — on this the 2nd day within the Octave of Christmas (and St. Stephen’s Day).  We wanted to thank the record 390 faithful souls who attended the First Midnight Latin Mass as well as Fr. Reid, the St. Ann’s schola, Cantate Domino Latin Choir and the families who spontaneously provided the hot cocoa and treats – their efforts made for a solemn and festive night of Our Lord’s birth.

This week: All daily Latin Masses are canceled at St. Ann’s this week. There is a typo in the bulletin and Wednesday Latin Mass is also canceled. Other parishes that offer Latin Masses:

Wednesday December 28 – Feast of Holy Innocents: St. Thomas Aquinas parish will offer High Mass at 10 am.
Thursday December 29 – Feast of St. Thomas Beckett: St. Michael parish in Gastonia will offer a Low Mass at 8:15 am.

Monday (Today) December 26 – Latin Mass in Tryon, NC 11am: For those visiting near the mountains, Father Barone will offer an 11 AM Latin Mass at St. John’s parish in Tryon.

Tuesday December 27 – Traditional (1962) Blessing of Wine after 9am English Mass, St. Mark parish:  Tuesday Dec. 27th is the Feast of St. John, the patron of wine (great story – read here) and with all regular Latin Mass priests on a well deserved break, Fr. Cory Catron at St. Mark has kindly agreed to bless wine for us in the Traditional Rite of 1962. This 2nd annual CLMC wine blessing will occur Tuesday after the 9am Novus Ordo (English) Mass at St. Mark parish.  Please bring your favorite wine.  St. Mark’s address is 14740 Stumptown Road, Huntersville, NC 28078

Sunday: January 1 – Feast of the Circumcision: As custom, there will be a 12:30 PM High Mass Sunday Jan 1st at St. Ann.   St. Michael in Gastonia will offer a Vigil Mass on New Years Eve, Saturday December 31 at 11:00 PM with Holy Hour from 12midnight – 1 am New Years Day.

Sunday January 1 – Latin Mass Young Adults Lunch: The Latin Mass Young Adults group will go out to lunch after the 12:30pm Latin Mass Sunday. All young adults in their 20s or 30s are invited (even those who don’t attend Latin Mass).

The symbolism of Midnight Mass

December 24, 2016

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus and happy Feast of Saints Adam & Eve!  In the ancient Church our first parents were traditionally commemorated on this day of the Vigil of Christmas and some traditions hold that after their original sin, they repented and never sinned again – for 930 years!

Speaking of tradition, we are having our first diocesan Midnight Latin Masses in Charlotte this year and wanted to share with you a little of the symbolism and importance of the Christmas Masses in the Traditional rite. I’m sourcing these from Fisheaters.com and a recent talk given by Fr. Innocent Smith, OP of New York who based it off of St. Thomas Aquinas’ writings.  NOTE: Our summary is just a layman’s effort and not authoritative or exhaustive.

There are 3 Latin Masses for Christmas, Midnight, Dawn, and Day: Each represent the three-fold Nativity of Christ and the Masses are all connected to each other, becoming a sort of a triduum (like Easter) or a trilogy.  The 3 Masses are:

Midnight Mass: “The Angels’” Mass, symbolizing Christ’s eternal birth, which takes place before creation, hidden from Men. Thus Mass is offered in the hidden darkness at Midnight.  According to tradition, Christ was born at Midnight.

Mass at Dawn: “The Shepherds’” Mass, symbolizing the spiritual birth of Christ into our hearts, where He, the Sun, is like “the morning star that rise in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19). Thus typically Mass is offered at dawn or early morning when daylight is breaking. The text of Mass focuses on the coming light of Christ that will shine on mankind.

Mass at Day: “The Kings’” Mass, symbolizing the temporal and bodily nativity of Christ, which He processes to us in a visible and bodily form, having put on the flesh. Thus Mass is offered in full daylight as He is now fully visible to men.  The text of Mass (at least the Introit) focuses on Christ’s humanity.  (N.B. Others like liturgist Dom Gueranger have a different order of the 3 Masses than St. Thomas)

With this rich symbolism, some traditional Catholics have even started to redevelop a devotion to the Incarnation by attending all 3 Masses (where available). God willing, in the future and with more Latin Mass priests, may we in Charlotte be blessed to have that option.  Please offer some prayers up for our Latin Mass priests at Mass Sunday, who often do so much for us and Tradition, on such limited time.

On behalf of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community, Merry Christmas!

P.S. When was Christ Born?  Lastly, this question occasionally arises this time of year – when exactly was Christ born? Some argue we don’t know the date or that its inaccurate. We will close with this question:  Does not a mother always remember when her child was born – especially if the child was the Messiah?   The Blessed Mother never forgot:  It was always December 25, 1 B.C. Source: The dates of the birth and death of Jesus Christ,  by General Hugues de Nanteuil.

St. Ann’s update for Dec 23 & 25

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

We have two bits of wonderful news to share!

  1. Friday December 23rd:  Father Reid has just informed us that this Friday December 23rd, there will be a Latin Mass at 8:30 am (instead of the usual time of 7:00 am).

This new announcement is a change from the earlier announcement that the 7:00 am Latin Mass was to be cancelled this week.  … So the Latin Mass has been reinstated, but for this week only it has been moved to 8:30 am time slot.

Remember that the daily Latin Masses are typically cancelled on holidays and on days when the parish office is closed.  … but this week since the St. Ann’s Elementary School is on Christmas vacation, it made sense to Father to substitute the regular novus ordo school Mass for the Latin Mass.

Of note, for those who follow traditional Catholic devotions, there is a traditional abstinence and fasting devotion for Christmas Eve that was transferred to December 23rd and extended to “all the faithful of the Catholic world” by a decree of Pope (St.) John XXIII.

This is a great and unsolicited gift to our parish by Father Reid.  Since this year December 23rd also falls on a Friday it will be further sanctified with the regular Friday abstinence.  Starting this day with a Traditional Latin Mass will be a nice holy trifecta… a great way to begin this special day and to prepare our hearts for the coming Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Christmas Midnight Mass update from Choir Director Teresa Rowe:  A reminder that the Christmas Midnight Mass this year will be a High Latin Mass (Missa Cantata).  The Mass will be preceded by a one half hour choral program, beginning at 11:30 pm, offered by the excellent Cantate Domino Latin Choir & the St. Ann Latin Schola.

The Mass Ordinary will have organ accompaniment on the Missa deAngelis.  There will also be two Christmas Hymns, Adeste fideles (processional) & Silent Night (recessional).  The Mass Propers will be chanted.

4th Week of Advent Update

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC),

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We know it’s a busy week but please read carefully the following schedule updates (Especially #3):

  1. Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle – Wednesday December 21st: St. Ann’s will offer its usual 6pm Low Mass for the church’s great evangelizer. To learn more about St. Thomas’ amazing missionary work we recommend this excellent sermon preached by a good priest in another diocese (I’m sure Fr. Reid or  Fr. B could do an equally good one too!).  You can listen here: http://romans10seventeen.org/audio-files/20051218-Saint-Thomas-the-Apostle-Preaching-the-Gospel-to-the-New-World.mp3
  1. Liturgy & Fraternity canceled tomorrow: There will be no Liturgy & Fraternity after Mass on Wednesday evening.
  1. Friday December 23rd Mass? – The 7am Latin Mass this Friday at St. Ann’s is canceled. Father may consider offering a Latin Mass that morning – if so we will try to post an update.
  1. Christmas & New Year’s schedule:
    Sunday December 25:

St. Ann’s 12 Midnight High Mass
St. Michael in Gastonia, 12 Midnight Solemn High Mass
(N.B. – Midnight means 12 midnight on early Sunday morning December 25 – thus attendees technically arrive late evening on Dec 24.  Some are confused when December 25 begins)

Saturday December 31 & Sunday January 1st (Feast of the Circumcision):  

Saturday December 31st: St. Michael’s in Gastonia 11pm vigil Latin Mass (Low) followed by Holy Hour from 12am – 1am
Sunday January 1st: St. Ann – 12:30pm Latin High Mass as custom on Sundays

  1. Christmas Week Masses: Check the St. Ann bulletin on Christmas Day as the weekday Latin Mass schedule may be limited or canceled next week.
  1. Christmas Gifts for St. Ann’s: St. Ann’s has been a wonderful home to the Latin Mass but now the parish needs our help as the parish incurred some costly repairs, both in the Allen Center, and in the church. Please read Fr. Reid’s bulletin message this week and prayerfully consider whether you can help offset these costs this Christmas. Bulletin: http://www.stanncharlotte.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/bulletin-December-18.pdf

Thanks for your patience in reading. We close by passing Fr. Barone’s advice in yesterday sermon: Let us spend this extra-long 4th week of Advent to withdraw a little from the world to focus more on the Incarnation.

Latin Mass Christmas 2016 schedule

St. Ann Parish: Sunday December 25th, Midnight High Latin Mass, with the blessing and erection of the new Infant of Prague Shrine (if it’s ready).

Please note, Midnight Mass will be the ONLY Latin Mass at St. Ann for Sunday December 25th (the 12:30pm Mass is canceled).

St. Michael parish in Gastonia: Sunday December 25th, Midnight Solemn High Latin Mass

Feast of Circumcision January 1st:

Saturday December 31st – St. Michael, Gastonia: 11pm Low Latin Mass (Vigil), followed by Holy Hour 12 am – 1am.

Sunday January 1st – St. Ann, 12:30pm High Mass as normal

Third week of Advent

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have several updates to share with you in this 3rd week of Advent.

Ember Week

We have now entered into the 3rd week of advent, and it is also Ember Week, the quarterly time of year where Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays are penitential days where the Church has traditionally focused on contemplating the glory of God’s creation.  We faithful are also encouraged to pray for the sanctification of our souls for the upcoming natural season.  To learn more about the Ember Days, please visit: http://www.fisheaters.com/emberdays.html. Gratefully, St. Ann’s will offer Ember Day Masses on Wednesday and Friday at normal times (and Saturday – but see below).

Rorate Mass this Saturday (December 17th)

St. Ann will offer it’s annual Rorate Mass this Saturday December 17th at 6:30am.  As Father Reid noted yesterday it’s one of the most beautiful liturgies this side of the veil of heaven. Please come. More information on the Rorate Mass can be found in this great article written by our very own Brian Williams who is a contributor at OnePeterFive

Annual blessing of religious items this Sunday (December 18th)

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas, and the CLMC will again set up a “Blessings table” where you can have any religious items/gifts blessed by Father (thank you!).  After 12:30pm Mass this Sunday December 18th , Father will immediately bless (in the traditional rite) any religious items you have.

This includes: pictures, rosaries, statues, candles, salt, water (to be Holy Water), wine, medals, oils, etc. 

We will have the table set up by 12pm before Mass begins. Anyone wanting items to be blessed must place them on or below the table PRIOR TO MASS (no exceptions).