Late September update

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Please take note about the following updates relevant to the coming days:

  1. A note about Mass Propers: We received a wonderful message from a distinguished member of our parish who is a published author and has done far more than we have for the advancement of the Latin Mass in his life. His observations are noteworthy and a good reminder for me as much as anyone. This man noticed that quite a few people are using the Red Missals but without the Mass Propers. This is really unfortunate as we miss some of the great prayers of the Mass, in particular, the magnificent Roman Collects. A great point to keep in mind!
  1. St. Joseph College Seminary: Please note that tomorrow after all Masses at St. Ann and St. Thomas Aquinas, there will be people selling meal tickets for the “Heavenly Hog BBQ Fundraiser” which is selling BBQ to raise money for the St. Joseph College Seminary (Note new website: Please bring some extra funds to Mass with you tomorrow. They are also accepting orders online here:
  1. Jylian Carter enters Carmel: In case you missed the great article in the Catholic News Herald by SueAnn Howell, I share it with you here: Please note how she credits the Latin Mass and the traditional devotions of the Church as an important aide in her vocation.
  1. Masses offered from Father Carter in Rome: As you may know, our dear friend, Father Noah Carter has returned to Rome, Italy to complete his Licentiate in Liturgical Theology at the North American College. He has had several people including me approach him about Mass intentions for his private Masses while in Rome. In response, Father Carter has built this wonderful website for people to make requests (  Be sure to write in the comments section to request that Father offer a Latin Mass for your intention.
  1. Feast of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel (Michaelmas): Thursday, September 29, Feast of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel: There will be a Missa Cantata at St. Michael the Archangel parish in Gastonia at 10am. This feast is the Patronal Feast Day for the parish.
  1. Time Correction for Friday October 7th Mass for Our Lady of the Rosary: Please note that the First Friday Mass for October will be on October 7th as previously announced, however, the correct time will be 6:00 PM and not 7pm.
  1. Other significant upcoming Masses (stay tuned for more information):
  • Sunday, October 30th, Feast of Christ the King
  • Wednesday, November 2nd, Feast of All Souls; @ St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
  • Saturday, December 17th, Ember Saturday of Advent; Rorate Mass of our Lady: 6:30 am
  • Sunday, December 25th, Christmas Midnight Mass

Mid September update Part II

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have several updates to share this month.

  1. Newly Instituted Daily Masses at St. Ann: Firstly, on Wednesday this week, was the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and the 9th anniversary of the implementation of Pope Benedict’s Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum which restored the Traditional Latin Mass as a sacred right of the faithful.  It was therefore fitting that Fr. Reid made a significant announcement about the Latin Masses at St. Ann’s from the pulpit at this Mass.In response to our request and in consultation with Bishop Jugis, Fr. Reid announced there would now be 2 additional weekday Latin Masses. Beginning October 17th, Mass will now be offered on:
  • Monday at 8:30am
  • Wednesday 6pm (existing)
  • Friday at 7:00am (previously only 1st Fridays) 

    Moreover, he expressed the goal of having daily Masses everyday. However, in order to do so, he would needs the Bishop to assign a parochial vicar (Fr. Barone is only “In residence”).  Father then challenged us: in order to receive a parochial vicar we need to increase our Mass attendance number to justify this need.


  1. Black Cope Fundraising Update:  Good news, after our last update asking for additional contributions to this fundraiser, the parish received numerous donations which were enough to satisfy the funding goal of $2,500 and I have been told that Father has already ordered the cope.  Let’s pray that it can be completed in time for All Souls.


  1. Latin Mass Welcome Reception/Coffee:  Tomorrow, the 18th Sunday after Pentecost, after the 12:30 pm Latin Mass at St. Ann, the Charlotte Latin Mass Community will be hosting our quarterly welcome reception.  If you are new to the Latin Mass … this is a good opportunity to introduce yourself.  We will have coffee and donuts, and other light snacks for the kids (with parents permission of course).


  1. Liturgy & Fraternity Cancelled this month:  This next Wednesday is our normally scheduled Liturgy & Fraternity mens group, but since the 3rd Wednesday of September falls on Ember Wednesday (Michaelmas Embertide) which is traditionally a day of fasting around harvest time.


  1. October First Friday:  Please note that in October the First Friday falls on October 7th which is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  This week also coincides with a diocesan retreat for priests, and so Father Reid will be moving the regular 7:00 am Low Mass to a 7:00 PM Mass … and the Mass will be elevated to a Missa Cantata.


  1. MiraVia Pro-Life Fundraising Banquet: On Thursday, 10/20/2016, is the 22nd Annual Fundraising Banquet for MiraVia.  This year, the CLMC will be hosting a table.  Please let us know by contacting us if you are interested in joining us for this great pro-life event and we will reserve you seats.  If you have already registered, and would like to sit at our table, we can arrange that as well … just let us know.

Mid-September update

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Greetings and a special welcome to the 36 new families who signed up to our email list at our CLMC booth at the Eucharistic Congress this weekend.  This addition brings our total up to about 460 families.  Also a special thanks to all the folks who helped staff and set up the both in particular our good friend Steve Cunningham of Sensus Fidelium, who flew in from Denver to help us out.

We didn’t keep close count of the number of direct contacts we made at the Congress, but I would estimate the number at more than 600.  We gave away more than 300 CDs filled with homilies, 500 medals, 200 Brown Scapulars, 200 rosaries, plus countless holy cards, Latin Mass magazines, and other literature.

We have a few updates that are relevant for the coming week:

  1. Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross:  On Wednesday 9/14/2016 at 6:00 pm at St. Ann Catholic Church, there will be a High Mass for the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross.
  2. Coffee & Donuts Next Sunday:   On Sunday 9/18/2016 after the 12:30 pm Latin Mass, the CLMC will be hosting Coffee & Donuts in the courtyard at St. Ann’s.  Please come and join us.
  3. MiraVia Pro-Life Fundraising Banquet: On Thursday, 10/20/2016, is the 22nd Annual Fundraising Banquet for MiraVia.  This year, the CLMC will be hosting a table or tables … depending on how many people respond.  Please let us know by replying to this email if you are interested in joining us for this great pro-life event.
  4. Reminder about Mass Attendance: Next Sunday is both the start of Faith Formation (9am) at St. Ann and the first home game for the Carolina Panthers (1pm).  Attending the 12:30 pm Latin Mass might become more difficult for some, and as a result we may see a drop in Mass attendance.  I just wanted to encourage everyone to please make an extra effort to join us within reason.  As a reminder, that since the 12:30 pm Latin Mass was granted in response to a petition from the laity, a “stable group” of faithful is required to maintain our rights.  Please do what you can and of course let prudence be your guide.

First Saturday Latin Mass!

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC),

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have exciting news to share:

First Saturday Latin Mass: Beginning this Saturday September 3rd, St. Thomas Aquinas parish will now offer a monthly First Saturday High Mass at 10am. This is a remarkable achievement for the Latin Mass devotees in Charlotte (thank you Fr. Christian!) and allows us to make the First Saturday Devotions in the traditional rite.   We are also grateful Fr. Reid has offered a First Friday 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann since early 2016.

September update

As the summer is nearing an end and we enter into September, there are now only eight more Sundays until we reach the Feast of Christ the King and begin to look to the coming of Advent and the new liturgical year.

We have a few important announcements for this month, but firstly I wanted to share with you a brief update on the matter of attendance at the 12:30 pm Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann.  … in short, we are growing!   Please view the attached chart which shows the attendance tracked for the previous 11 months.

Latin Mass Attendance 8-31-2016


One thing that is not shown in this graph, is that in previous summer months when so many families travel, the Latin Mass average attendance would fall down to the 100-120 range in similar proportions as the Novus Ordo Masses. This year, however, after a concerted outreach program led by our Latin Mass Steering Committee, instead of falling, the Latin Mass attendance grew throughout the summer months. Let’s pray that this growth continues into autumn and beyond.


  1.  Black Cope Needed:  Our first announcement this month is rather timely and urgent.  We need to quickly raise about $2,500 for St. Ann Parish to purchase a black cope to complete the full set of black vestments in time for All Souls Day on November 2nd.  There will be Solemn High Requiem Mass for the Feast of All Souls and the current set of vestments does not currently have a cope.

    To make an online donation, please follow this link to the St. Ann online donation page.  In the long list of donation funds, about the 10th item from the bottom of the list is an account called “Latin Mass Priest Vestments“, you can make your donation there.  If you would rather give with a physical check, you can always drop an envelope in the collection basket with a note designating the donation (e.g. Latin Mass Priest Vestments or Black Cope).  May God reward you for your generosity.


  1. First Fridays Update:  Reminder that this coming Friday, September 2nd is a First Friday.  There will be Low Mass at 7am as per normal.  Also note that next month in October, the First Friday falls on Oct 7th which is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and as such, the Mass will be moved to the evening for a special Missa Cantata at 7:00 PM.


  1. Holy Cross Day: On Wednesday, September 14th, the regular Wednesday evening Mass at St. Ann will be a special Missa Cantata for the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross.


  1. Two Latin Courses: Starting in September, John Welsh, a parishioner of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and a former Latin instructor at Fordham University and St. Michael’s Catholic School, will be offering 2 Latin classes on the campus of St. Michael’s (708 St. Michael’s Lane, Gastonia, NC):

Basics of Ecclesiastical Latin:  If you are moved by the beauty of the Mass in Latin, consider taking a Latin enrichment class.  This class will be for 1 hour on Saturdays (approximately 9am-10am) from September to May, immediately following the beautiful Low Mass in Latin which begins at 8:15am and is celebrated by Fr. Matthew Buettner.  This class is open to anyone ages 9 to 99.

Latin I:  This Latin class is perfect for those in the homeschooling community (8th – 12th grade) who are seeking a high-school level equivalent Latin class for credit (credit transfer possible for public and MACs schools).  The class will meet weekly during the school year, from 9-10am on Mondays, immediately following the morning Mass celebrated by Fr. Buettner.  This class is also open to adults who are interested in a deeper and more rigorous introduction to Latin. No previous experience with Latin is required.

Please contact John at Jwpublius (at) yahoo (dot) com to enroll or for more information.